candle's website

this is candle's website you've been warned fellas


here’s my first real test post… i’m retreating to writing text here because i’m very frustrated with all my projects right now!!

i’m making a followup to bitsy boutique but some of the parts haven’t arrived yet and the other thing to do is mess with software on the raspberry pi but trying to administer a linux system stresses me out

i’m also experimenting with writing better tools for collecting the bitsy gamedata i use for the avatar collage, but basic tools were broken!! i just worked out why though, apparently i got logged out and you can’t download certain public things while logged out. who can say why either of those things are the case

this website itself is another source of floundering and disatisfaction: i kinda want it to be a blog, but then i realised more than this i want like.. a live notebook/scrapbook. i wish the web were a bit better than writing text and carefully dropping images into it… i want every post to be a collage

i did then start thinking about how i’d achieve this, maybe write every post on an index card and scan it in but: 1. the cards i have at home are too small 2. i don’t have a scanner and my phone camera sucks 3. i’m now wondering if i should spin-off flicksy into a hypercard-like for making my blog posts

honestly i think i’m just cranky because i drank too much pepsi lately and it’s messed with the delicate balance of caffeine humours in my body. that and it’s cold and dark all the damn time

enough whining for now, see ya