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twenty eighteen

it’s been a long long year. i moved house, exhibited at or attended a million events, learned electronics and how to make web tools, and made a shit load of bitsy adjacent things. i’m so tired. i’ve taken the last weeks off just playing minecraft with the bitsy people. here’s a list of the major achievements of the year:

next year? perish.

i want to continue developing flicksy, though it didn’t quite turn out to be a tool i wanted to use much myself. i want to build more web tools in the same vein as flicksy: flicksy makes a nice base for making new things easily. revisiting old ideas of Tactics Factory and Sketchblocks would be great. i’m working on a sequel to bitsy boutique that will run the full web versions so i can support hacks/mods. i want to do a nice physical release of my castle series of bitsy games, with a bespoke soundtrack and side-material like notes and cut lore. there’s some game ideas i want to try if i can get either tactics factory or sketchblocks working. i want to tidy my dang house

however: i achieved ten billion things this year and cancelled ten billion others… so we’ll see what actually happens in 2019