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domino 2

it's a little over a year since i first released domino, and i've actually been using it myself quite a lot

i made it in respsonse to my frustrations during speculation jam and this year i finally got to use domino for em reed's subsequent list jam and alternative ecologies jam

i also used domino for the zone calendar and putting together a 2020 year in review post

there's a lot of aspects of domino that annoy me. some were oversight, some due to my skill level at the same, and some due to just wanting to get a proof of domino out there

but now i have experienced first hand what about domino 1 annoys me and i have learned more about making web tools from flicksy 2 and zone. i can afford to take my time working on domino 2 because domino 1 already exists

i have released a prototype of domino 2 that demonstrates the significant changes i'm planning for domino

the changes are driven by my own use case, so it'd be good to get a perspective from other domino users on how they might affect them