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jupiter engine

a while back i made a game for domino club called SSSM: in the shadow of jupiter

the game has a hypertext format of small windows of text each linking to each other. not too different from if twine passages all opened in new windows

i've now gone through and worked backwards to try to rework the code into something where the content (images, audio, text, titles, connections, styling etc) can be replaced to make your own game in the same format

since i didn't intend it as a tool from the outset, and it's a simple enough format, i tried out a few ideas for how the data is presented for editing

the user-editible text is all kept as inline html in the main page, with windows defines as plain html that will get copied into windows, events as javascript snippets in html script tags, and the triggers for events specified as xml-like "event-trigger" tags

i'm not sure if its strictly better than json or some plain text format i could invent, but it seems worth trying because html/script tags will probably be more familiar and easier to read/write than either json on a bespoke syntax

if you try it, let me know what you think!