candle's website

this is my website where i put things related to digital creative tools and communities around them

interesting and useful websites

with a lot of the resources online have become centralised into platforms such as twitter and discord and google searches largely poisoned by SEO, it's harder than ever to find niche personal websites

maybe i can help here by creating a listing of the websites and tools i find interesting or useful, along with some commentary

art, labour, and digital creativity

em reed knows what's going on

data URIs

data URIs look like URLs (or URIs) but contain the full data of the file instead of pointing to a location to fetch it from. this is something i use a lot in my tools

data URIs are the easiest way in the browser to convert a file (especially images) to a format i can embed directly into html--this is important for tools that want to export games as a single webpage e.g bipsi

i use these two web tools to manually convert images back and forth when debugging save files, creating test saves before the tool works properly, and embedding any other images i might need in the tool


where possible we try to provide subtitles for zone nites. many movies have a lot of slightly different versions and slightly mistimed subtitles. i use this tool to adjust subtitles when necessary

bitsy fonts

this is mostly just for my reference. this is the source of the original bitsy fonts, and generall just some plain pixel fonts in various sizes and permissive license